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There are several sources of freely available energy  - ambient heat, centrifugal force, geothermal heat, heat pumps, implosion, magnetism, ocean tides and waves, radiant energy, safe nuclear energy, solar and wind.


The technologies for harvesting them has been known for centuries, and in recent years have been developed and refined to the point where ‘free energy’ is now ready for use for most of the functions which support the modern lifestyle and which have previously depended on the burning of fossil fuels.

The coal, oil, gas and electricity industries are allowed to thrive on scarcity, whilst at the same time being allowed to fuel the destruction of the environment and the climate. The fossil fuel industries are deliberately suppressing the development of 'free energy' technologies in the interest of protecting their monopoly on the energy resources, of which they have been allowed to claim ownership. 


The time has come for that monopoly to be broken, in the interests of avoiding global warming and catastrophic climate change, in the interests of security of supply of energy vital to human life on earth, and in the interests of justice in the sharing of earth’s resources.


We are already living with the initial consequences of polluting the atmosphere with emissions from burning fossil fuels. The destruction of life and property, infrastructure and economies will not be halted until the unfettered burning of fossil fuels ceases. This has been the subject of international and national agreements, but very little positive action has been taken for fear of the consequences to the fossil fuel energy market, which has propped up other markets. This is now the source of social, national and international friction causing disputes and wars between peoples and nations.


Whilst the OPEC political wielding of its control of oil supplies gave rise to a demonstration of the consequences of dependence on fossil fuels, and awakened awareness of how wastefully we had been using them, there was only a small effort to reduce dependence, through conservation measures, increases in efficiency in their use and some developments of alternative energy resources.


Now the need is to replace the inessential use of fossil fuels, in the interests of conserving supplies for essential uses, increasing security of access to energy for essential uses and a rapid and permanent reduction in global warming emissions.


The cost of failure to achieve a ubiquitous use of free ambient non-polluting energy will be the unparalleled destruction of environment and life.

It is the responsibility of everyone to strive towards and invest in an ambient energy future, and the duty of world leaders, through legal and economic measures, to facilitate the achievement of the age of sustainable development.

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