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Today the UK coalition government announced plans to spend £350 million on the design programme for the replacement of nuclear submarines. – leading to £ billions on building them.

In 2008 the previous government considered a £1billion start up fund necessary to initiate the reduction in green house gas emissions from housing to meet the mandatory target of the Climate Change Act 2008 of 80% below 1990 levels.

Now the UK coalition government has replaced that with $12 millions of pounds of funding for the Green Deal for all  ‘golden rule’ qualifying buildings only, not necessarily those in most need of upgrading – and even then not to ‘zero carbon’ standards leaving more upgrading to be done between no and 2050.

To achieve that target, 700,000 houses need to be upgraded to zero carbon every year up to 2050, at an average cost of £25,000 per dwelling - £17.5 billion per year.

Failure to achieve this rate of upgrading will not only illegal according to the Climate Change Act 2008, but is also likely to result economic collapses for want of access to affordable energy, and the country being at the mercy of an energy market dominated by foreign countries.

 It will not be submarines that will be necessary to defend the state, but native alternative energy resources.

The latter, contrary to investment in submarines, would employ many more people, contribute directly to the economy through reduction in dependence on increasingly costly fossil fuels, potentially eliminate fuel poverty, establish the foundations for a sustainable future, and incidentally meet the mandatory target for reducing carbon emissions by 2050 in housing.

The UK has been a leader on combating Climate Change until now, why is the present government letting that initiative melt away, diverting funding into the waste of weapons of mass destruction?

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